Kitchen Corner – Homemade Japanese Curry Rice

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Posted on 8th January 2012 by TSStechAngel in Kitchen Corner

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If you’re fortunate to live in areas like San Francisco or Hawaii you may have stumbled upon small restaurants that serve the Japanese foods out there that aren’t about just the sushi. We’re talking about Curry Rice. Want to learn more?

When thinking of curry in America you may be more familiar with Indian curries rather than this Japanese version. This Japanese version differs because it is thicker than an Indian curry due to it being made from a roux of butter and flour first before any other ingredients are added in. Japanese curries are also sweeter than Indian curries as well. Japanese curries contain a fruit element like apples to make it this way. As a variation the HQ thought we’d mention the use of pears instead of apples, just as a thought as well.

When preparing the curry it is also very important to cut all the vegetables needed first before cutting up any meats or poultry. If you would like a little heat to your curry you could add a squirt of sriracha to the pot too.

One last thing we’d like to mention is, use any potato you have on hand or like as well. Traditionally here at the HQ we grew up just using russets as they were the most commonly available. Tonight version had Japanese (White) Sweet potatoes in it because they needed to be used up and it came out just as wonderful as ever.

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  1. Fort says:

    Oh, cooked apples would be nice and tasty. I’ll have to give this one a try later. Thanks!

    8th January 2012 at 11:45 pm

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