Eco Companies – Saucee


Posted on 13th February 2013 by TSStechAngel in Eco Companies

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Want to add an organic bit of spice to your life? We thought so! (more…)

Eco Garden – Home Aquaponics Kit


Posted on 15th November 2012 by TSStechAngel in Eco Garden

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We know it’s better to eat organically and live without the pre-processed foods out there. What if there was a way to garden at home without all the mess of soil? (more…)

Eco Craft – Cardboard Pinball Machine


Posted on 10th August 2012 by TSStechAngel in Eco Craft

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Another look in to the world of making things in which an adult might consider trash but to a child it’s a building block for something much bigger. What do we mean? (more…)

Ecomaker Annoucements – New Store and Such


Posted on 6th August 2012 by TSStechAngel in Ecomaker Announcements

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Just a few quick blurbs and announcements about the goings on at the HQ.

Our second birthday came and went however we were busy with a few projects on the side here and didn’t really get a chance to reflect on the year. We will instead move forward to announce our new store. Most items in the store are only $10 and quite affordable.

We’re starting with the simple concept of wallets. Bi-folds mostly but we’re starting to put up women’s wallets (larger and more card pockets) and soon after that some tri-fold wallets for the guys as well.

If there is something on the store that you don’t see. Drop us a line in the comments below or leave a message at the shop as well.

Eco Thoughts – Plastic Bottle Soccer Kits

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Posted on 2nd May 2012 by TSStechAngel in Eco Thoughts

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We came across this earlier in the day and thought we’d mention in here. Just another way a big company is trying to lower its impact on the environment. (more…)

Eco Thoughts – Reusing Beach Finds


Posted on 1st May 2012 by TSStechAngel in Eco Thoughts

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Are you fortunate enough to live near beaches and like to collect finds while you’re at it? Why not take those beach collections and reuse them in projects around your home. You’ll have a great way to show off your memories to friends and family as well! (more…)

Eco Thoughts – DIY Cardboard Arcade


Posted on 19th April 2012 by TSStechAngel in Eco Thoughts

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This imaginative 9 year old will go far one day. How? (more…)

Kitchen Corner – Onion and Pepper Egg Rings


Posted on 28th March 2012 by TSStechAngel in Kitchen Corner

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Here’s a quick kitchen tip that is not only clever but will have you thinking of clever ways of presentation next time you have house guests! (more…)

Ecomaker Announcements


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Announcements! Announcements! (more…)

Eco Companies – Papalote Salsa Trading Company


Posted on 31st January 2012 by TSStechAngel in Eco Companies

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If you’re looking for a organic and fresh salsa, this is one of the best we’ve found locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. (more…)